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Here are the fee based services offered by AUTOMOTIVE ESTATE PLANNERS.



Automotive / Vehicle appraisals through the AAG Auto Appraisal Group network. Nationwide and Certified. Pre-purchase, resale, insurance, total loss, diminished value, estate, and donation appraisals. Vehicle provenance documentation service. Approved by all major insurers. See online at to review and schedule.

Automotive Collection appraisals of parts, signs, toys, petromobilia, and paper goods. Market analysis, estate valuations.  



It has been said "The only thing you can take with you is what you gave away".  We work with you, your accountant, attorney, or exector to map out a strategy for maximizing your legacy. As members of NAAM (National Association of Automobile Museums) we can determine which 501 (c) 3 charities may be best to display, or benefit from being gifted a portion of your lifes work, all the while minimizing taxes and maximizing return for your generosity. We can assist in suggesting the type of language in wills, to appraising donated items, and filling out IRS Form 8283 "Charitable Contributions" forms.



Inventory services, cataloging, photographing and documenting collections. Lifetime collectors have had the fun of chasing down, and acquiring the items, and they know exactly where everything is, and what it goes with, but often others that come after have no clue as to the importance or significance of items.  Many times we see heirs overwhelmed by the magnitude of collections and executors obligations. Planning ahead helps.



One man's junk is sometimes anothers treasure, and sometimes it is just junk.  Sometimes knowing the metals market and the weight of items can determine whether it is best to sell or scrap an item. It is why scrappers attend estate sales.  Why should they benefit instead of your family from that type of knowledge. AEP can weigh and analyze parts for maximum return compared to rarity value.  



We will work with your designated auctioneers or estate sale specialists to insure that proper values are placed on your items. An automotive specialist is sometimes required to bring the true value and significance. AEP does not sell or broker vehicles. However, we have the knowhow and contacts to analyze where and how some repairs or maintenance can bring increased returns.  From knowing where to get maximized return for proper detailing, or when the patina should be left alone. We also have agreements with ebay sellers who can process and package quantities of materials, should that be required, all on either a percentage or immediate purchase basis. 


 Skeptical or wanting to keep your collection a secret?  Order our "Confidential Organizer Workbook", its FREE just pay shipping and handling. Start the process on your own of documenting and formalizing where your stuff is located, how it operates, what is of value, who should get it, and how it should get there. 

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